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South Jersey Trust Planning offers real solutions and results for many pressing issues during these extraordinary economic times.

The current change in our financial security requires that we address certain matters, as a measure of stabilizing our financial future.

An element of planning now must be invoked, as traditional markets have eroded or, in some cases, collapsed and with little or no chance of return in the foreseeable future.

Many of our asset structures have changed significantly and need to be overhauled to withstand these unprecedented times.

This website was created to serve as a trust planning resource to reference the power and flexibility of our work. Feel free to browse this website and read from some of the eye-opening and informative briefs in the library.

Some proprietary applications that South Jersey Trust Planning uses may be of particular interest such as:

  • Completely Eliminating Capital Gains When Selling All Types of Real Estate
  • Completely Eliminating Capital Gains When Selling Businesses
  • Establishing Private Family Foundations
  • Reducing or Eliminating Depreciation Recapture
  • Increasing Tax Deductions
  • Avoiding Inheritance and Estate Tax
  • Avoiding Probate
  • Income Tax Reduction
  • Providing Future Care and Comfort for You and Your Family
  • Ensuring Future Care for Family Members and Individuals with Special Needs
  • Providing Vehicles of Sustainability for Churches, Charitable Organizations, Non-Profits, Private Foundations and Groups
  • Identifying where a Last Will and Testament Fails to Serve Your Wishes
  • IRA Structuring for Maximum Capital Retention and Tax Advantages
  • Creating Streams of Guaranteed Lifetime Income with Superior Rates of Return

We've prepared a very important presentation that you absolutely must see if you or a loved one have an IRA. Please click here to learn The Truth About Your IRA:

South Jersey Trust IRA Trust Presentation

If you or someone you know has a child with special needs, you can direct them to this brief presentation. It could positively affect the quality of their future care. Please click here:

South Jersey Trust Special Needs Trusts

South Jersey Trust Planning provides scholarship and unparalleled value to assist our clients in making intelligent and informed decisions.

No amount of estate planning or financial planning approaches what we can accomplish with our proprietary brand of trust planning.

We proudly call South Jersey our home. Our expansive range of services reaches across the country, as we are often required to work with clients and their representatives and advisors on a remote basis.

There is never a fee for our consultation and design from South Jersey Trust Planning. If you would like to review the strategies that we can employ to guarantee the value of your assets for the future, I welcome the opportunity.


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Invariably, when a person is seeking to sell their business or real estate, they seek out the well-placed trust and well-respected advice of either a competent Realtor, CPA or Attorney.

Each of these trusted professionals bears a fiduciary obligation to work tirelessly, on behalf of their client, to achieve maximum results.

Most of the time advisors find themselves recommending two traditional vehicles:

1. The 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, which merely rolls the gain from one property to another.

2. The installment sale that only stretches out capital gains, doing nothing to reduce or eliminate them.

Of course, one glaring problem with an installment sale is that if the client dies, the full value of that outstanding note is termed Income in Respect of Decedent and immediately included in their taxable estate.

The only strategy available today that totally eliminates capital gains when selling real estate is achieved by employing our trust instruments.

Click here to read about six of the most powerful Real Estate Exit Strategies you've never seen or even heard of.

We have designed a special presentation specifically for Real Estate Professionals.

Click Here to view the presentation:

South Jersey Trust Real Estate Exit Strategies



Test Drive South Jersey Trust

    We want you to fully understand exactly what we do and how valuable our programs will be to you or your clients.

    Therefore, we allow you to fully test drive us to see if you can recognize the full value, scope and differentiation that we bring to the industry.

    All we need are these seven little bits of innocuous information.

    1. The selling price of the property or business.

    2. The cost basis of the property or business.

    3. The tax bracket of the seller(s).

    4. The age(s) of the seller(s)

    5. Is the seller('s) overall health Excellent, Fair, Good or Poor?

    6. Will the children be the heirs?

    7. The state of residence, so we can calculate state capital gains rates.

    Please note that we do not require the name of the seller, address of the property or a contact phone number. Simply e-mail the information to : Illustrations@SJTRUST.com and we will send back the illustration we created, within 72 hours.

    Our reason for requiring limited information is simple. We are so confident that you will see the intrinsic value in what we do, that you will contact us for a follow up.


    The Insurance Company pays You to Protect Your Assets




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    Trust Planning is a somewhat misunderstood element of our practice, yet it can, in fact, be the cornerstone in preserving and protection of assets.

    Many people labor under the misconception that trusts are only for the rich. Most of this has been borne of the notion of familiarity with the term, The Rockefeller Trust.

    The truth is that trusts stem from medieval days and were developed as a tool to benefit the common people.

    A properly executed trust strategy can protect assets, preserve assets, transfer estates tax free to heirs or fund family foundations for hundreds of years.

    South Jersey Trust Planning - Asset ProtectionAsset Preservation should be one of the most significant concerns for everyone, today.

    We have recently witnessed an economic spiral that has been unvisited upon our nation since the Great Depression.

    It is no secret that we are living longer, due to a number of factors such as a more active lifestyle and diet choices, as well as overall enhanced medical care.

    Age 90 is no longer a mental stretch. There is a likely probability that many of us will still be getting around at age 90.

    We need to plan financially for those times by first assuring that today's assets survive, as long as we do.

    South Jersey Trust Planning offers excellent strategies that are well capable of doing just that and are quite simple to explain to you.

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South Jersey Trust Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Trust Planning is certainly a matter that should be on most everyone's mind, as there is a distinct possibility that nursing homes often figure into the equation in the latter stages of life.

We all pretty much understand the fundamentals of Medicaid rules and know that our home is a protected asset, as well as pensions and IRA's.

But stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD's, checking accounts and savings accounts are termed "countable assets" that figure significantly into Medicaid eligibility and can be "lost" to Medicaid.

Some initial trust planning now can go a long way in keeping your assets for your family, as opposed to forfeiting them to Medicaid.

Remember, there is little effective planning that can be done on the steps of a nursing home.

You can see our exclusive Strictly Seniors presentation by clicking here. An absolute must see even if you don't fit into this age group yet.

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    Those that wish to provide charitable assistance to their Church while establishing a Legacy of Faith will want to view this presentation.

    South Jersey Trust Planning - Sustaining Our Churches